To-do lists

Make a new list

Click "Add a to-do list"

Screenshot of a To-do list with an arrow pointing to the "Add a to-do list" button Give the list a name, and start adding to-dos.

A screenshot showing text entered in the Title field of a To-do list You can assign the to-do to someone and add a due date. Dated to-dos will appear on your calendar.

When you assign a to-do to someone else, they'll get an  email notification. You won't receive that email if you assign a to-do to yourself.
Anyone with an open to-do will get an email the day before it's due. If you created the to-do, you'll get an email when someone completes it (unless you  opt out).

Attach files to your to-dos by clicking the 'Attach files' link. You can add a file or attach a Google Doc. The file will be attached directly to the to-do.

A screenshot of a to-do list with an arrow pointing to the "Attach files" LinkA screenshot of a to-do list with a paperclip icon on one task showing it has a file attached

You can see files attached to to-dos on any mobile device. You can attach new files to to-dos in the iPhone and Android apps, but not on the iPad app.

Reorder to-dos by clicking on them and dragging up or down in the list. You can move to-dos to new lists, and reorder entire lists that way too.

Reordering your lists is a great way to set priorities. First on the list? Highest priority! Watch a 📹 video on how to organize and prioritize your to-dos.

Basecamp 2 doesn't have sublists, but here's a tip! Create your own outline by adding numbers to your main tasks, and asterisks to the subtasks. Click and drag to order your lists the way you need them.

A screenshot of a to-do list with asterisks on some to-dos to indicate which tasks are sub-tasks

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