Google Docs

Attach Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and Drawings to a Basecamp 2 project. When you attach a Google Doc to a project, you can view it like any other file. 

Update 10/21/20: Using the Google Docs feature no longer requires access to your Google Drive. This means previews for Google Docs will no longer work, but you can continue to link to Google Docs by copying and pasting the URL. All types of files in your Google Drive are now supported. We made this change as a result of Google's changing requirements for integrations that we couldn't support.

Some Information About Permissions

Before you get started, here are a few tips for getting the most out of the Google Docs integration!

  • To access a Google Doc from Basecamp, people will need to have permission to view it. Permissions are set within your Google account. Basecamp won't change them.
  • You need a Google address to share and view Google Docs on Basecamp. That can be a '' address, or it can be a work email, if your company uses Google Apps. Get in touch with your email administrator to see if you're using Google Apps for email.
  • For teams using Google Apps for email, the Google Docs integration works best when you're automatically sharing your files with everyone on your team. Here's how your admin can set those permissions. Note that this setting grants read-only access. To let people edit a Google Doc, you'll need to set that permission for them. You'll also need to grant access to your clients, or anyone else who's not a member of your Google Apps account.
  • If you're using Google Docs through your individual '' address, you'll need to set permissions on each file individually through Google Drive. Here's how.Keep in mind that removing someone from your Basecamp account does not revoke access to that Google Doc.

Attach Your Google Docs

  1. In the file upload menu, click "Google Docs." 
    Screenshot of the file upload menu with an arrow pointing to the 'link from Google Doc' link
  2. You'll see a dialog where you can enter a name for the file to be linked and paste the URL of the Google drive file. Just click "Add this" when you're done and the link to the file will be added:
    Screenshot showing the 'Link a Google doc' dialog box with a field to enter a file name and a field to paste the file URL
    Screenshot showing the 'Link a Google doc' dialog box with the name and URL fields filled in
    Screenshot showing the 'Link a Google doc' dialog box after a Google document has been attached, along with options for which people to notify
  3. Google Docs work just like other files. You can add them to discussions, comments, or attach them on their own. They can be part of active projects and templates. Delete a file if you don't need it anymore. Deleting Google Docs from Basecamp doesn't remove the file from your Google Drive account. Google Docs don't count against your Basecamp storage limit.
  4. Need to make some edits? Click "Open on Google Drive." in the Google Docs file's individual view:
    Screenshot showing the Google Docs file's individual view with an arrow pointing to the 'Open on Google Drive' button

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