Basecamp lets your team know when something is posted to a project. Here's how!

Basecamp 2 will send a notification when:

  • You're invited to join a project or calendar
  • You're assigned a to-do task by another user
  • Your assigned task is given a due date and when that due date is changed
  • The day before a task assigned to you is due
  • Someone completes a to-do you created unless you opt out
  • When you're included on a message, event, comment or file notification

Notifications for discussions and comments

  1. Who gets a notification: When you create a new discussion, you decide who will receive an email notification about it. 

    Screenshot of the notification section below a discussion post showing options of who to notify via email

  2. Follow-up comments: Basecamp will send notifications about new comments to the same people who received the original message. Update that by clicking "Change" ... 

    Screenshot of the notification section below a comment showing a list of users you can choose from to be notified about that comment.

Companies and groups are super helpful for this!

  • Check who was notified about a comment on the Catch Up page. 

  • Opt out of notifications: Reduce the barrage of notification emails by opting out. Turn off an entire project on your Basecamp Settings page. Opt out of specific messages using the link within the notification email.