Organize people into companies

Use Companies and Groups to make sure everyone is in the right place, and to make invitations and notifications a snap!

Only admins and the account owner can create companies.

Create companies and groups

To add people to a Company, go to your "Everyone" page and click the "Make a Company" button. Name your company and add users. As you type names, Basecamp will suggest people in your account.

Only existing users can be added to companies or groups. Make sure you've added someone to your account before adding them to a group.

Screenshot showing the area where you can type a new company name and also type user names to add to that company

Tip: Add new people to an existing company by clicking "Everyone," and then the company's name.

Create Groups within your Company by clicking the "Add a group" link below the company. Give it a name and select the members.

You'll need to add people to the company before they can be in a group.

Screenshot showing a list of users' avatars, the group name, and a list of checkboxes showing which users are in the groupHere's a quick video to show you more!

Work with Companies and Groups

So your team is organized ... now what?

Invite any company or group to a project quickly. Just type the company or group name in the invite field Screenshot showing the invite fields where you can enter a group, company, or person's name

This feature will not automatically add nor remove folks from projects based updates to the group itself after it has been given access to a project!

You can also send a notification to the entire company or group. A screenshot showing a list of groups or users who will be notified on a message

Basecamp Classic users will remember that Companies were used to organize projects. That's no longer the case. Learn more about organizing your projects.

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