Organizing projects

Projects are listed in alphabetical order, but you can organize them in a way that makes sense to you!

  1. View your projects as a list, as cards, or as a combination of the two. Move important projects to the top of the list by clicking the star that's located to the left of the project title. Starred projects are specific to you, and listed in the order in which they were starred. 

    A screenshot of the projects page showing the star icon in the top right corner of each project card

  2. Group your projects by adding a prefix to the title. Projects that begin with uppercase letters will be displayed before projects with lowercase letters.

    A screenshot of the projects page organized in a list view

    Want to see this in action? 📹 Here's a video to walk you through it!

  3. Numbering works a bit differently than you might expect. Basecamp reads numbers digit by digit, not as a whole number. (Just like the Dewey Decimal System!) So projects that start with "11", "28", "102", "244", and "4" will be sorted like this: 

    A screenshot of the projects page organized in a list view

  4. And what about titles with special characters? Here's a chart that shows you how they're ranked, in minute detail!

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