Client projects

When you're working with a client, you don't necessarily want them to see all the work you do behind the scenes. Basecamp 2 lets you invite clients to your project, but keep certain items off limits.

This 📹video has more about client projects!

Set up a client project

  1. You can enable the client project when you start a project. You don't have to add clients just yet - Basecamp lets you plan ahead! You can restrict items as you create them, and when you add clients to the project, those items will be hidden away. You can set up client projects in templates too!

    Screenshot showing a new project being created with an arrow pointing to a button to turn on client access

  2. You can also enable client projects by clicking Invite more people... 

    Screenshot of a project page with an arrow pointing to the 'Invite more people' link

  3. ... and then clicking to the client tab.

    Screenshot showing the invitation page with an arrow pointing to 'The Client' tab

  4. Need to move someone from your team to a client team? Click Everyone, then the person's ID, and then "Superpowers and access to projects." You'll be able to switch them to a client team, and vice versa.

    Screenshot of a user's project access page

Restricting Items from the Client

  1. When client projects are enabled, you'll see a check box that lets you restrict permissions for specific items in projects.

    Screenshot showing a message and the checkbox to prevent clients from viewing it

  2. Update permissions on existing items on the"Edit" screen.

    Screenshot showing the edit screen for a document and a checkbox to hide the document from the client

  3. Basecamp lets you know which items are hidden from the client. 

    Screenshot of a message with an indication below the message that the client cannot view it

    Screenshot of a project with an indicator that mentions the client cannot view the page

  4. Want to share an item with your client? Click the Change button to remove the permission setting. Anyone who can see an item can change the permission setting. 

    Screenshot of a page with an indicator mentioning the client cannot view it. An arrow points to the 'Change' button where the viewing permissions can be changed.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Comments inherit the permission setting of their parent item. If your clients can't see the original message, they can't see the rest of the discussion either.
  • Forwarded emails cannot be made private.
  • You can restrict an entire to-do list, but not an individual to-do.
  • When you move or copy an item, the permission setting will be retained.
  • The client can't keep anything hidden from you.
  • When a client adds someone to the project, that person will automatically be a client as well.

Learn more about  permissions within your projects.

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