Moving from Basecamp Classic to Basecamp 2

How much does Basecamp 2 cost if I already use Basecamp Classic?

Depending on which plan you have, it’s either totally free or deeply discounted.

Step-by-step guide for Basecamp Classic customers who want to move their projects into Basecamp 2.

It’s easy to explore Basecamp 2 with your existing projects.

Does Basecamp 2 replace our current Basecamp?

Nope. Your existing Basecamp account stays the same. The Basecamp you’ve been using has been renamed Basecamp Classic. The all new Basecamp is now called Basecamp. Both versions will live side by side as separate products. You can continue to use Classic, you can switch to Basecamp 2, or you can use both of them together. It’s up to you.

Do I get a new Basecamp account automatically?

No. You only get a new Basecamp account if you want one. If you don’t do anything, or you don’t care about Basecamp 2, everything remains the exact same for you. If you do want to try Basecamp 2, follow this simple step-by-step guide to get started.

Are we going to be forced to move to Basecamp 2?

Nope. Switching to Basecamp 2 is entirely optional for current Basecamp Classic customers. No one is being forced to switch or even forced to try Basecamp 2. Basecamp Classic is not going away. If you prefer Classic you can keep using Classic.

Can we try Basecamp 2 with our current projects to see what it’s like before deciding I want to switch?

Absolutely. If you’re a current Basecamp Classic customer, you’ll get an unlimited-usage 60-day free trial on Basecamp 2. Check out our step-by-step guide to see how to import copies of your current projects into Basecamp 2.

If I start using Basecamp 2, what happens to my current Classic account?

Nothing changes in your current account. All your data, projects, users, files, and everything else are untouched. Everything is the same as it always was. Classic and Basecamp 2 don’t share data - they are completely separate products. Changes in one won’t affect the other. You can keep using both together or pick one after your free 60-day trial on Basecamp 2.

Can we use both Classic and Basecamp 2 together?

If you’d like, yes. For example, you can continue to use Classic for your existing projects but start up new projects using Basecamp 2. Or you can dive right into Basecamp 2 and copy all your Classic projects over. It’s entirely up to you. What you do in Classic has no effect on Basecamp 2 and vice versa.

Can we move our projects from one to the other?

You can import projects from Classic into Basecamp 2, but you can’t import projects from Basecamp 2 back into Classic. The import is one-way from Classic into new. You can choose which projects you want to import one at a time. When you copy a project from Classic to Basecamp 2, it’s archived in Classic for safe keeping. Nothing is deleted in your Classic account.

Will all of our project data be moved over?

The new version of Basecamp no longer supports message categories. While all of your projects, files, and data will smoothly transfer over from your Classic account, any message categories will be lost.

What happens to our users? Clients?

If you decide to import projects from Classic into the all new Basecamp, we’ll copy your users over at the same time. People will only have access to see the projects they could see before - no one sees any projects in Basecamp 2 that they couldn’t see in Classic. If someone was an admin in Classic, they’ll be an admin in Basecamp 2 too. Your users will be able to log into Basecamp 2 with the same username and password they used to log into Classic.

Is data shared/synced between the versions or are they separate? Do changes appear in accounts?

Data in Classic is separate from data in Basecamp 2. A change in one doesn’t affect the other. If you copy a project from Classic into Basecamp 2, it’s just a copy - the original stays in Basecamp Classic. If you decide to manage the project using Basecamp 2, the version in Classic stays just as it was before you copied it over.

Are the features in Classic and Basecamp 2 the same? What’s different?

Classic and Basecamp 2 are entirely different products. They have a similar set of core features (to-dos, messages, files, and a calendar), but the features are executed differently in each product. Basecamp 2 also includes dozens of new features that Classic doesn’t have, but it also doesn’t have some of the features that Classic has.

Do both versions have the same URL? Can we use the same subdomain on Basecamp 2?

Your Basecamp Classic URL (which looks like stays the same. New Basecamp accounts are hosted on the domain. New Basecamp accounts don’t have subdomains, so all accounts are at

If we use both, do we have to pay for both?

Depending on which plan you have, the all new Basecamp is either totally free or deeply discounted for you. The discount is automatic once the accounts are linked. You can read more about this here.

If I don’t like Basecamp 2, can I switch back?

Regardless of what you do in Basecamp 2, all your data in Classic remains safe in Classic. If you try Basecamp 2 for 60 days, and you just don’t like it, you can just go back to using the Classic account you already had. You can just pick up where you left off. Everything that was there is still there - all your projects, data, users, etc.

Will you continue to improve Classic?

The majority of our design and development efforts moving forward will be focused on the all new Basecamp, but we’ll continue to support Classic as long as customers continue using it. We expect that to be for many many years.