Looping non-users into a discussion

The Loop-In feature allows you to involve anybody in a discussion thread via email, without actually giving them access to your project or Basecamp 2 account. The person you loop in gets an email notification with the full history of the discussion thread – and nothing else. If they reply, their response is added to the discussion thread, but they can't click through to open your project or your account.

If people need to be more involved in your projects, but you still want to keep things off limits, check out client projects.

Watch a 📹 quick video to see how easy it is to loop people in!

Add a Looped-in Person to a Notification

  1. Click the link to loop someone in below the notification checkboxes. A screenshot showing a list of notification recipients with a link below to "loop-in someone who isn't on the project"
  2. You'll see the option to add email addresses. A screenshot showing a field entry box for entering a person's email address to loop them into that notification

What a Looped-in Person Sees

Looped-in people see the message thread as if it were a regular email thread in their inbox.

A screenshot of someone's email inbox showing what the notification looks like

Files appear as live links in the looped-in person's message:

  1. Clicking the link will take them to a new browser window where they can download the file. A screenshot showing a downloadable file in a looped-in person's message
  2. Click to download the file, and they'll be all set! A screenshot showing an icon of the file type along with the name of the file and a download link that reads "Download this file"

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