Deleting and restoring project items


Click to view an item: If you're an admin, you'll see the option to delete or edit a post. Non-admins can only delete or edit items they've created. They can only delete or edit their comments on a post for 15 minutes.

Screenshot of  comments from an admin's perspective with an arrow pointing to the Delete option for one comment

Deleting Files

Delete files to free space in your account! To delete a file, just click on the Delete button in list view. 

Screenshot of a file in the list view with an arrow pointing to the delete button

Only admins can edit or delete items they did not create.

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To-do lists, tasks, and events

Hover over the title of a list or a task. You'll see a trash can icon pop up to the left. Click on that that to delete. 

Screenshot of a to-do with the mouse cursor hovered over it, revealing the Edit option

Click the title of an event on the calendar. In the pop-up that appears, you'll see a trash can icon in the lower right corner of that box. Click on that to delete the event.

Screenshot of an event in the calendar

Any member of a project can delete a to-do list, task, or event.

Restore Deleted Items, or Delete Them Forever

Don't panic if you delete something! You can restore deleted items for up to 30 days.

  1. To see all deleted items, find the Trash can on your Everything page. 

    Screenshot of the Everything page

  2. Here, you can see the history of all deleted items you had access to. Click on an individual item to restore it or delete it permanently. 

    Screenshot of a to-do in the trash can showing the options to permanently delete it or restore it

  3. Individual comments can be restored right from the item's history.

    Anyone with access to a project can delete to-do lists, tasks and calendar events. Admins can restore those items. Other projects items can only be deleted and restored by admins.

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