File labels

Labels are a quick and clear way to organize all the files in your projects. For example, you might label files as a report, presentation, or sketch.

Adding a Label

  1. Next to any file in Basecamp 2, you'll see a button that says "Label…" To label a file, click that button and name your label with a memorable term. 

    A screenshot of the label button on a file

  2. Start typing the name of your label. Once you're done typing, click "Add label." When a label was already used somewhere else, Basecamp automatically suggests it so you can select it. 

    A screenshot of some text in the label field

  3. The label will appear next to the file.

Removing a Label

  1. Click on the "Label..." button next to your file. Each label will have a red delete icon. Clicking that icon removes the label from the file. 

    A screenshot showing the red delete icon on a label

Viewing Your Labeled Files

  1. In a project, clicking the 'all files' pill will show you all labels in a project. 

    A screenshot of the Files page with an arrow pointing to the All files button

  2. Clicking a specific label will show you a list of all the files with that label in your project. 

    A screenshot showing all files with a certain label

  3. To see all files in your account with a label, use the search box and start typing your label. Matching labels will appear. 

    A screenshot of the search box showing which labels match that keyword

Editing or Deleting a Label

  1. To change or remove a label entirely, click on the label in one of your files to jump to the label's page and click the down-arrow icon next to the label's name. 

    A screenshot showing the additional options when the down-arrow is depressed next to a label

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