Archiving, deleting, and renaming

Your Project Settings page lets you archive, unarchive, or delete a project.

Archive or delete a project: When a project is over, you can archive it for safe keeping. Archived projects can’t be modified and they don’t count against your project number limit (although files in them do count toward your file storage limit). Everything stays just as you left it, and you can unarchive a project at any time. If you want a project removed entirely, you can delete it. 

Scroll to the bottom of your project and click "Project settings."

Screenshot o the bottom of a project page showing the 'Project settings' link.

Screenshot  of the project settings page showing the two options for changing a project's status; Active or Archived.

To archive or delete a project, you'll need to either be an admin or the person who created the project.

Looking for your archived projects? Look for the link on your Projects page.

Screenshot of the projects page with an arrow pointing to the 'Show archived projects' link

Email reminders about future events & tasks will not be sent from archived projects. Basecamp will still add any items  sent via email to your archived project.

You can also archive discussions! Just go to your 'Discussions' page, and click on the 'Archive' button next to all of the discussions that would like to move.

Archiving discussions simply hides that discussion from your Latest Activity feed. You can always choose to show a discussion again by filtering for 'archived discussions' and clicking the 'Reopen' button.

Screenshot of the Discussions page with an arrow pointing to the filter option that shows 'open discussions'  or 'archived discussions'.

Renaming a project: Click into the project, then on the name of the project in the upper left corner. It’ll turn into an editable text field. Make any changes you’d like to the name or description, then click the "Save changes" button.

Screenshot of a project page with an arrow pointing to the project's name.

To rename a project, you'll need to either be an admin or the person who created the project.

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