Passwords and Invitations

Reset Passwords

You can send a password reset email to any member of your account. After an unsuccessful login attempt, folks will see the option to have a password reset sent to them.

A screenshot of the login page with arrows pointing to the password reset links

Only the individual user can change their own email address (from the Me page), since each user has their own 37signals ID, which can be used across multiple accounts.

Resend an Invitation

To resend an invitation, head to "Everyone" ...

A screenshot of the top navigation bar with an arrow pointing to the 'Everyone' link

Find and click on that person …

A screenshot of the everyone page showing the profile pictures of four people

Finally, click "re-send the email" to send them a reminder. You can also copy the RSVP URL and pass that along to your invitee.

If you don't see this link, that person has already accepted your invitation!

A screenshot of a user's details page with an arrow pointing to the link that re-sends their invitation

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