Annual Subscription Plan

Basecamp has plenty of different subscription plans to fit every need, and every budget. For growing companies, and those looking for the best of the best with added convenience, the Basecamp Annual Plan is the perfect plan for you!

The Annual Plan offers:

  • Annual billing – pay $3,000 just once per year
  • 1.5 TB of storage
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited account members

Ready to sign up for the annual plan?

  1. Head to your Upgrades page, linked in the top right corner. Then select the Annual Plan.A screenshot showing the basic details of the Annual planA screenshot showing more details of the Annual plan
  2. Enter your credit card information:  
  3. Screenshot of the Basecamp 2 upgrades page with the credit card fields. We'll upgrade you instantly, but you'll only be charged on your billing date
  4. Your Annual Plan will start when your free trial period expires. We'll make the charge to your credit card on that day.
The Annual Plan is a year long commitment, so we can't issue refunds. When your year is up, you can switch back to a monthly plan.

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