The Account page

The Account page is home base for anything related to billing and your Basecamp 2 plan. You can find past invoices, update your credit card, export your account data and cancel if you need to (though we hope you won't!). It's only available to the account owner and billing liaisons.

The link to the Account page is in the top right when you're logged into Basecamp 2. If you don't see that link, you're not the owner or a billing liaison... but you're still important and popular and ever-so-wonderful!
A screenshot showing the Account link with a highlighted box around it

The Account Name

Folks will see the name of your account when they're invited to join, when they create a new project, and on their Launchpad. It will also be listed on your invoices, and in an account export. Click "Change the account name" if you need to make an update. A screenshot of the Account page with an arrow pointing to the "Change the account name" link

Your Project and Storage Usage

Basecamp will tell you how many active projects are in your account, and the total file storage used. Click "See how your current usage counts against your limits". (Files in archived projects do count against your storage usage.)
A screenshot of the Account page showing the number of active projects on the account and how much storage is being used

You'll see a list of all the projects in your account, when it was updated, the storage it's using and who created it.
A screenshot showing the project details; a list of all the projects in your account, when they were updated, the storage they're using and who created them

Click "Storage used" to see a list of all active and archived projects that count against your storage usage.

Change Account Ownership

It's easy to transfer ownership of the account to someone else. Click "Transfer ownership to someone else."
A screenshot of the Account page with an arrow pointing towards a link that reads "transfer ownership to someone else"

You'll see a menu with all the people in your account. Pick the new owner and click "Make this person the account owner." The ownership transfer takes effect immediately.  A screenshot of a page showing who the current account owner is

If the current owner of your account isn't available,  read our account ownership policy.