iPhone and iPad apps

Apple users can install our iOS apps. They are designed for speedy access to your projects. The iOS apps will run on any Apple device supporting iOS 8. The  iPhone and iPad apps are free to install!

What's In

Like the mobile optimized version of Basecamp, the iOS apps let you see pretty much everything in your account. And you can switch between accounts too!

You'll see every discussion, list, file, text doc, date and forwarded email in your projects.

Start new projects, create new discussions, lists, dates, add comments and upload files to comments. You can add new tasks to existing to-do lists. You can create and edit text documents. You can delete & restore project items.

Search your account to find the person, project or item you need. Use the Today Widget to get a quick glance at your to-dos and events. Use the Share feature to add images or URLs from other apps.

A screenshot of the Today Widget showing four different screenshots of the mobile app: Create projects, project updates, notifications, and the search feature

Want to log out of your account? Click "Me," then the Gear widget, and you'll see the option.

What's Out

Some features didn't make the cut. The iOS app doesn't have an Everyone page, but you can see all the people in each project. Push notifications aren't currently available.

You can archive projects in the iOS app. Your archived projects won't show up on the Projects page, but you can access them through the Progress feed or search results.


Which version of Basecamp are you using? Basecamp 2 and Basecamp 3 have separate apps, so you'll want to make sure you've installed the correct app for the version you're using.

Where's my account? If you have a Basecamp 2 account, but don't see it when you log into your app, check your Launchpad Settings and make sure your account is visible in your Launchpad.

Reset your app if you're having trouble. Click the Me icon, then the gear widget. This will sign you out and clear the app settings. It's like clearing the cache and cookies in a desktop browser. Resetting your Basecamp iOS app won't effect your account data.

Seeing other issues? Send our support team a ticket with a screenshot of your phone.

Go behind the scenes and see how we built our iOS app.

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