Your time zone

Setting your time zones

No matter where in the world you are, Basecamp can be there with you! Basecamp tracks your time zone in a couple of ways.

  1. Your Personal Info: You'll see a time zone setting on your "Me" page, under the link to update your personal info. This controls the time in your email notifications. So when Basecamp 2 sends a Daily Digest at 7 a.m., it looks to your time zone to know what 7 a.m. means to you.
  2. Your Computer: Time stamps in your projects or calendar correspond to the time setting on your computer. Basecamp uses that to tell you when an item was posted or when an event is happening, relative to your location. If you schedule a conference call for 1 p.m. in Chicago, your coworker in London will see it displayed as 7 p.m. You can change your time zone in your PC or Mac settings.

Remember to update your time zone settings when you travel, to keep Basecamp in step with you!

If time zone math befuddles you, check out Every Time Zone.

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