Text documents

Take notes together. Brainstorm ideas together. Write a press release together. Collaborate on a blog post or a company newsletter. Basecamp text documents update when you save your draft. You'll see what other folks have written as soon as they save a draft. This way you can write together, not over each other!

Text docs for Basecamp 2 on the desktop

  1. Create a text doc or edit an existing one. Get to writing!

    Screenshot showing two text documents

    You can view your text docs in preview or list view.

    Screenshot showing two text documents in a list view

  2. Text docs are collaborative: Anyone with access to a project will be able to edit. Basecamp tells you when someone else is working and when it's safe for you to start writing.

    A screenshot of a text document with a message to the right indicating that another user is currently editing it

  3. Save your changes! Basecamp will tell you who made the last revisions and when.

    Screenshot of a text document with an edit option on the right. The version history is also displayed on the right.

  4. Want to see what's changed? Click through the history to see additions and deletions. You can restore an earlier version of your text doc.

    Screenshot of a text document showing the previous version and what changes were made

  5. Add comments and notify your team.

    Screenshot showing comments underneath a text document

    Basecamp Classic Writeboards migrate to Basecamp 2 as Text Documents. The comments won't migrate, nor will the earlier revisions.

  6. Sort your text docs by title or date created.

    Screenshot showing the sorting options for documents

Text Docs on Mobile

  1. Using Basecamp 2 on the go? On the mobile version and iPhone app you can create text docs, edit, browse versions and restore versions. You'll see when someone else is editing and even be able to override those locks.

    Screenshot showing two text documents in the mobile app

  2. The mobile version has all the features of the desktop except one: text formatting. Mobile devices will only support plain text editing. If you edit an existing text doc, Basecamp will strip out any bolding, bullets, links, etc. Heed the warning so you don't lose your work!

    Screenshot of a warning message when trying to edit a text document on the mobile app.

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