Adding and removing people

Excited to start working with people in Basecamp? Yay! Bringing people in is easy, and the more people on your account, the more fun collaborating becomes.

Add new people

If you’re an Admin or account owner, you can invite someone to your account and give them access to multiple projects. Go to the Everyone page ...

Then Add People: Type in email addresses to invite folks to your account. You’ll then get to select which projects and calendars they have access to. 

Any account member is able to add new folks to the account.

Remove people

Delete people from your account from the Everyone page. 

Find and click the person you’d like to remove. On the top-right corner of that person person’s page, click "superpowers and access to projects."

Finally, click "Remove completely from Basecamp."

Only admins and the account owner can delete people from an account. All comments, files, and anything else contributed by that person will still remain in the project. No content will be deleted.

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